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Foundational Nutrition

Our Shakeology Stories

Yes, it’s a simple shake, which seems so small in the scheme of things, but we’ve each felt big impacts in our life due to this little addition to our diet. We wanted to take a moment to share our Shakeology stories and favorite additions or recipes with you. It’s not often you come across something that’s easy, delicious, and good for you!


  • Go-to Shake: vanilla shake flavor with just water and a banana. “Bananas give you a lot of energy! My stomach can’t handle a big breakfast every morning. Sometimes my sweetie makes me a huge breakfast as a sweet gesture, and I can’t say no to that, but most days the shake is perfect.”

  • Dave enjoys it in the morning to replace breakfast. He was waiting for gallbladder surgery and was on a strict diet under doctor supervision to prepare for the procedure. As part of the diet he couldn’t have any proteins, and mostly ate just rice and vegetables. The diet didn’t feel like enough to eat and sometimes left him feeling dizzy, so in order to ensure he was getting the nutrition he needed he decided to add Shakeology shakes to his diet. He liked how he felt with Shakeology so much that he decided to keep it as a permanent addition to his diet.


  • Go-to Shake: vanilla shake with a whole banana, collagen powder, oat milk & hot water. Everything goes into Candace’s Vitamix which can make a hot shake.

  • Initially, Candace started enjoying Shakeology as part of a health-kick, and appreciated it so much that she made it a daily addition to her diet. “At night when I go to sleep, I think, “I can’t wait for my shake and coffee in the morning!” I do my workout in the morning, and during the workout, I look forward to the delicious duo that I get to enjoy afterward. I also think that the potassium in the banana helps prevent cramps in my legs.”

Our creative director, Alicia

  • Go-to Shake: vegan chocolate shake flavor with a cup of frozen mixed berries, a spoonful of almond butter and a lot of water to make about 30oz of shake. “It’s decadent!”

  • “This was just what I needed to help me start a modified South Beach diet plan. The Shakeology helps stave off cravings and keeps me satisfied for hours. I use my beloved Vitamix to blend the daylights out of it and start my day right!”


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