About Us

Our superpower is making you succeed.

Your business coaching session consists of two parts:

First, using targeted questions, we will get to the heart of your current conundrum. We want to really see the source of your struggle and figure out how we can shift a fundamental aspect of your approach.


Then, we make a plan! You will be given specific & practical ideas that you can implement immediately. Count on having some meaningful homework assignments that will help get you where you want to go.                                                   

Meet The Team

Candace Combs, CEO

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My superpower is making things happen.

Dave Combs, CFO

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My superpower is charismatically calm. 


"With all of the anxiety I've been experiencing related to starting my own practice and living my life the way I want to, it's been tremendously reassuring to have Candace in my life. She's definitely pointed out things that were far more important to me than I realized, which has paved the way for a lot of growth and change."  

- T., San Francisco

"I own a massage studio that is larger in size than In Symmetry and I still call Candace and Dave for advice on business strategy and how to navigate all the challenges of running a busy service-oriented business.  


I bought an existing massage studio and have had to lean on Candace from In Symmetry to figure out all the permitting, tax and health department requirements for running this business.  I highly trust them.  They are quick thinking, innovative, outside the box business people, whose heart is in the right place.  To start a franchise under their guidance would be a dream - to skip all the steps of "figuring it out yourself" and really being able to spend your business time building meaningful relationships with clients instead."

- M. Sivert, Owner of San Francisco Massage Studio with 60 employees