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Candace Combs


My path to success began in New Orleans when I was kicked out of my last high school at barely 18. Without much of a plan, I took a few computer courses at a community college, looked around at a less than promising future in Louisiana, and then moved to San Francisco at the ripe old age of 20.  I was working at Microsoft by age 25, and at 28 I was making six figures. If having lots of money meant happiness and fulfillment, I would have been set but a 9 to 5 desk job and reporting to a rotating number of bosses just wasn’t working for me on any level.


Inspired to go into the healing arts and work with my hands, I completed my training in bodywork and started my own spa, In-symmetry Spa, at age 29.  I moved to Los Angeles for a couple of years where I worked with celebrities in the music and film industries and then decided to return home to San Francisco. Once here, I quickly built such a large practice that I had a three-week waiting list. Before long, I was hiring other massage therapists and then estheticians to build the successful spa we have today. Before Covid-19, we were open every day and we had a staff of over 20 employees.


However, success is never linear and it often has points along the way that bring you to your knees. In 2010 my spa went down for over a year and I had to fight with every breath in my body to rebuild it. I challenged and worked with just about every agency in San Francisco and, with persistence and my tenacity, I won! My brother joined the fight and our business in 2013 and together we grew even bigger and better. With the onslaught on the global pandemic, we are once again fighting for our survival, looking for ways to pivot and committed to succeeding against the odds.


Throughout this journey, I have never doubted my choice to become an entrepreneur. I love being my own boss and being able to create the life I want to lead which includes travel and setting my own schedule and goals. I am an extremely hard worker and, if I am going to work this hard, I am going to work for myself and take the more than the occasional call from the beach.

 My goal is to help others find their passion, build their own businesses and reach their goals so they too can enjoy the fruits of their labor and lead the life they always dreamed of. 

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My superpower is making things happen.

I am extremely practical. Doing business in San Francisco is one of the most challenging things I have ever done in my life. The city truly does not embrace small business. But, I am great at navigating city government and bureaucracy! And I truly believe that small business is the backbone of our economy and that government--from local, to state, to federal--sometimes needs a nudge to cooperate with small business owners.

What I like most is being in charge of my own destiny, every single day.

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