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Dave began his career in high-end home audio sales. Having been a musician his whole life and a performer for 13 years, working with audio equipment seemed to be a natural fit. In 2012 he left this world to join forces with his sister and best friend, Candace, and began running In-Symmetry Spa. The business was thriving and in need of a manager to run day-day operations and marketing/social media. Dave's personality and charisma made this job a natural fit for him. While he continues to navigate new waters and contribute to the strong growth of the family business, his personal touch with clients is his strong suit. Even now he makes time in his busy work schedule to spend time at the front desk getting to know the clients personally. Dave has also contributed to the community and the Mission Creek Merchants Association through his successes as a musician. His connections to the city have time and again aided in the success of neighborhood block parties, new business openings, and the overall growth of In-Symmetry Spa. His southern hospitality and love for people has helped shape In-Symmetry Spa into a beacon of the community. 

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Dave Combs

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