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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Candace and Dave are both great at what they do; ideal advocates as well as advisors. I reached out originally, wanting tactics for business growth. My need was for a tactical approach to hiring and expansion for my micro business located in San Francisco, CA for 13 years. There have been many external impacts to make this situation more difficult than usual for the past few years, from Covid 19 to new licensing procedures and protocols. As a way to feel more supported, I reached out to Candace and Dave for consulting. I left feeling energized and confident in the direction I was heading in. Highly recommend."


Saya, Owner of Urban Oasis Spa in San Francisco

"Can and Dave are such likable human beings but don’t let their laid-back approach fool you - they are consummate professionals. I feel like these two aren’t afraid to give tough love advice, even if it puts the best interest of my company ahead of their own. Their warm personalities help me be open to any constructive criticism. Plus I feel like they care deeply about my business almost as if it were their own, so I know if they say something that’s tough to hear, it’s only because they’ve got my back."


Andrea, Owner of Madame Falgoux boutique in New Orleans

"Thank you combsbizconsulting for all your help and support!! In 2018 my business partner and I decided to open our own Spa/Salon/& Gallery space in Oakland. It wasn't easy lots of unexpected steps and costs. Throughout the whole process I have looked for them for guidance as laws changed in our field. Now in 2020 we have a successful business and are forever changing and growing, and thank you as well for your recent push to put us in the right direction!


If you're a small business and need good consulting they are awesome!"


Tuesday Cohen, owner of Vetiver Oakland, Spa & Salon

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