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Combs Business Consulting

Our superpower is helping you pivot & succeed in this new business environment.

Are you in need of business consulting? Ask about our introductory packages. 

We Are Entrepreneurs

Combs Business Consulting (CBC) is not only a consulting company, we actively own and run businesses.

With over twenty plus years experience running successful small businesses in San Francisco, our passion is helping all small businesses thrive. 
Your small business MATTERS. You are a valuable asset to the economic landscape of your area and you are able to contribute significantly to your community and to our greater economic structure. 
In this time, we are here to help you and your company redesign and restructure your business model to meet the needs of our changed economy. We want to empower more entrepreneurs to do what they love, successfully, with the new challenges that we small business owners are now faced with.
We are here to help empower small business owners to run their own businesses and determine their own destinies. Too often, the voices of small business owners are ignored or drowned out by large corporate interests. It is time for a change. We excel at offering compassionate and solid consulting to help you find your voice and help you build your team and network for success.
Are you in need of business consulting? Ask about our introductory packages. 

We Care About Small Business

Small Business for America's Future features Candace Combs, CEO of In-Symmetry Spa & Combs Business Consulting, speaking on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

What can we do for you?

  • Share practical knowledge from 20+ years running a successful small business and merchant association.

  • Teach you how to find your ideal clients, whether through practical marketing techniques or by removing any mental blocks.

  • Help you hone and implement your ideas with a manageable plan of action.

  • Cultivate confidence and self-care to make sure you operate at your very best.

20+ years of


We have the know-how you need.

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We look forward to being part of your journey!

 We are here To Help You Thrive

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